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Upcoming High Fidelity Wraparound 101 Facilitator Training


Please contact our Coach at 403.689.2729, for more details or to

schedule a training.

Training Costs for 2021/2022

High Fidelity Wraparound provides a number of opportunities for training. These can be customized to meet your organization’s needs.

Wraparound 101 Training (4 days)

  • More than 6 participants
    Two trainers are needed due to the number of role-plays and the intensity of the training.

  • Less than 6 participants
    Only one trainer needed.

  • Materials: One copy of the training manual will be provided (additional cost for Vroon VDB Manual).

  • Incidental costs: snacks, drinks, etc. are not included.

  • Training outside of Calgary: expenses such as travel, meals and accommodations costs are not included.

  • Participation in pre-scheduled training: individual staff may be able to participate in pre-scheduled training sessions.


  • Coaching/consultation
    Includes activities such as phone calls, skype, reviewing documents, case consultation, visits/meetings with staff, etc.

  •  Coaching/consultation available outside of Calgary at an additional rate.

  • For more substantial or ongoing coaching/consultation needs, this may be able to be negotiated with the collaborative.

Tailored/Specific Training

Individualized training that is specific to your needs, such as the Principles of Wraparound, Building Natural Supports, or Functional Assessments and Safety Planning etc. may be negotiated (based on factors such as number of hours, amount of prep time required, etc.)

What can I expect when I receive training?
HFWA Certification and Training  Process Booklet

For training inquiries contact Brandi Perron at 403.689.2729 or at



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